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Most Popular SOP Friday Articles

Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and I.T. Professionals


The Index to SOP Friday Series


Most Popular Articles in the Series:


- Massaging the Service Board

- How Do Service Requests Get Into Your System?

- Activating and Registering Client Software

- Hardware Replacement and Upgrade Policy

- Server Down Procedures


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Karls PictureHello! I run a small technology consulting firm, and another business, in Sacramento, CA. I hope you find something useful here. If we can help, contact me at Karlp at SmallBizThoughts dot com.


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Consulting and Coaching are available on the following terms:

- SWOT analysis for you and your team to analyze Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The result is a detailed report, discussed with you in detail.

- Business Calibration Program - This is an intensive examination and overhaul of your business that promises dramatic improvements. This program provides you with a massive company transition that requires a serious commitment to change.

- High Intensity Coaching - Lots of attention for a concentrated period. We agree on your goals and then make fast progress to put a plan in place and execute it.

- Moderate Coaching and Maintenance - And ongoing program for those who have already achieved success through coaching and have learned the skills and habits you need. With this program, you can stay on "maintenance" and have as much attention as you need. Only available to client who have completed another program.

Hourly packages . . . available for coaching clients "on maintenance."

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All consulting and coaching services include access to the Small Biz Thoughts Resource Center. The Small Biz Thoughts Resource Center provides a collection of various white papers, forms, checklists, Excel spreadsheets, seminars, PowerPoint slides, audio programs, and other resources of value to Small Business Consultants. The resources provided here will change over time and are intended to supplement various programs provided by Karl W. Palachuk and Small Biz Thoughts, a division of Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc.



- All hours (single or in packs) must be prepaid before used. Unused hours expire after 12 months. All members with unused hours are eligible to access the Small Biz Thoughts Resource Center.

- All coaching programs require either a three-month minimum or a six-month minimum. Each monthly payment is due on the first of the month.