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Where in the World is Karl Palachuk?



Recorded Webinar: Three Killer Procedures That Will Make You More Profitable Today

Three Killer Procedures That Will Make You More Profitable Today

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Standard Operating Procedures for Managed Services: The Basics


Introduction to Money-Related Policies for Managed Service Providers

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Managed Services Operations Manual


Managed Services Operations Manual

Standard Operating Procedures for Computer Consultants and Managed Service Providers


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Project Management in Small Business


Project Management in Small Business


How to Deliver Successful, Profitable Projects on Time with Your Small Business Clients


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Managed Servies in a Month


Manage Services in a Month - 3rd Ed.


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Palachuk Service Agreements for SMB Consultants


Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - Revised Ed.


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Service Agreements for SMB Consultants


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Relax Focus Succeed


Relax Focus Succeed


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Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives and Be More Successful in Both


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Coaching With Karl Palachuk

About Karl

Karls PictureHello!


I have built and sold two Managed Services companies in Sacramento, CA. I am now a fulltime speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, and bon vivant.


I hope you find something useful here. If we can help, contact me at Karlp at SmallBizThoughts dot com.


Check out my Wikipedia page: Karl_Palachuk

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Sponsor Opportunities from Small Biz Thoughts

Small Biz Thoughts has many sponsor opportunities.

Vendors who are looking to meet new friends in the IT consulting community rely on Small Biz Thoughts to make that introduction. We offer events, web-based and email-based marketing as well as a variety of special services not available anywhere else.

On several occasions major vendors have relied on Karl Palachuk and Small Biz Thoughts to help them introduce new products to the small and medium business consulting community. This list includes QLogic, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Zynstra, Dell, SolarWinds, Zyxel, Sherweb, and others.


Download our 2019 Media Kit Here.


We have a wide variety of offerings, mostly based around the writing, podcasting, and blogging of Karl W. Palachuk - the #1 author on managed services for more than a decade.


We offer a variety of FREE promotions that vendors can take advantage of:


Weekly Calendar. In our weekly newsletter (circulation 10,900 and growing) we will publish all in-person events in the SMB and MSP communities. This includes roadshows. As long as it's an in-person event, we'll promote it for for free.


Press Releases. As long as your audience is our audience, we will promote your un-altered press release on Karl's blog at Several organizations send us press releases to be embargoed until a specific date and time. We are totally okay with that.


Free Podcast. The SMB Community Podcast is a video podcast of 30 minutes. Your first appearance on this podcast is 100% free. Try before you buy!


Free Strategy! Too many vendors in this industry just do what everyone else does. And just like an MSP that is constantly paying attention to their competition, the result is that you can't achieve more than those you copy. Let us help you find new and interesting ways to engage MSPs and SMB IT consultants.

Some of our fun and unique opportunities include . . .

* Help you to design and implement a focus group or partner advisory council. Examples: Intel and Zynstra.


* Create a video interview series that you can use for lead generation. Example: SolarWinds MSP.


* Branded book give-aways for lead gen. Examples: Zyxel and SolarWinds MSP.


* Written white papers to be used in lead gen or engagement enhancement. Examples: VSP, EH Media, SolarWinds MSP.


* Customized Roadshows with sponsored content. Examples: Intel and Zynstra.


* Book give-aways in association with keynote speaking. Examples: TechData and Sherweb.


* Extended engagements, including licensed content, video interviews, advertisements, and custom followup. Examples: VSP and SolarWinds MSP


Of course we sell advertising in our weekly newsletter and web sites, but we also have the ability to engage in much more interesting and engaging programs.


How do we do this?

As a professional author, trainer, speaker, and community leader, Karl is uniquely situated to provide content as well as the audience! For the last fifteen years, Karl has presented in dozens of cities every year, speaking to thousands of SMB IT professionals. He always exceeds expectations as a keynote presenter or trainer.

As the author of nineteen books - including several of the most popular books on Managed Services - Karl has the ability to license thousands of pages of content. And, of course, he can write customized content for use in your marketing.

Content - Audience - Performance: We've got it all.

With over 75,000 contacts in the SMB IT community, engaging with Karl Palachuk and Small Biz Thoughts might be the best thing your company does this year!

To request a media kit from Small Biz Thoughts, please fill out this form:

Thank you for your interest!